Kiheung COMBI-U10
  • Controller: HEIDENHAIN iTNC 640, SIEMENS840D, FANUC 31i
  • Table dimensions: 2660,3140,3600 x 1100mm
  • X axis: 2300,2800,3200mm
  • Y axis: 1050,1400mm
  • Z axis: 850,1200mm
  • Feed: 5000mm
  • Rapid: Rapid 10000mm
  • Spindle power: 18.5/22kW

Surface (mm): 2660/3140/3600×1100
T-slot/Width/Distance (mm): 8/22/125
Max permissible load (kg): 4000
Longitudinal (mm): 2300/2800/3200
Cross (mm): 1050
Vertical (mm): 850
Height from table to vertical spindle nose (mm): 50~900
Height from table to horizontal spindle nose (mm): 60~910
Axis (mm/min): 5000
Rapid (mm/min): 10000
motor (Nm): 30(X), 40(Y), 22(Z)
Taper: ISO50
Speed (rpm): 2000(1~540, 541~2000) Programmable universal head available 2,5° x 2,5° to 0,001 x 0,001
Drive motor (kw): 18.5/22
Distance from column to vertical spindle center (kw): 1000
Distance from column to horizontal spindle center (kw): 1010
WEIGHT (kg): 18500/21000/23000

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