CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

BV offers CNC plasma metal cutting machines for larger-diameter metal pieces.


Ermaksan’s EPL Plasma series of cutting machines will operate safely for many years. Dynamic and static power and rigidity, processed with great precision thanks to Hypertherm technologies. 

Ermaskan EPL plasma cutting machines reduce operating costs by over 50%. You can have an advanced solution by cutting multiple angles thanks to optional 5-axis cutting technology. Offering perfect solutions for vertical and bevel cuts, 5-axis automatic angle adjustment technology saves operator time and eliminates mistakes. 


Tecoi’s CNC cutting machines guarantee tailor-made solutions for every customer’s needs. 

Versatile machine tools enable the production of parts for a wide range of operations. Their design, robustness and reinforced guides have been developed for heavy-duty applications and maximum productivity. 

The wide range of equipment options means that each machine can be customized to suit the customer’s production needs.


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